Market Update for

The total U.S. stock market is down 0.45%.

Large-cap stocks are down 0.55%. Mid-cap stocks are down 0.46%. Small-cap stocks are down 0.07%.

Foreign stocks are down 0.59%.

Developed markets are down 0.57%. Emerging markets are down 0.75%.

Other assets:

Bonds are up 0.32%. Real estate is down 0.28%. Oil is down 2.96%. Gold is down 0.8%. Silver is down 0.57%.

SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust (SPY)

Market Cap:


Last Price ():


Change: -0.55% Open: $205.79 Low: $204.81 High: $206.10
Dividend Yield: 1.86% Price/Earnings: N/A Price/Book: N/A Price/Sales: N/A

Historical stock prices are adjusted for both splits and dividend payments, thus reflecting the stock's total return.

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